Annie & TJ Strathbreede farm, Wolseley

Tue, 3rd January, 2012


This is a very special wedding for me…seeing that Annie is family.  (My husband’s cousin).

And yes, i still wipe away tears at every wedding - believe it or not, i was the first person to cry at Annie’s wedding, when i arrived on the farm and saw how beautiful everything looked, i could not help myself…tears rolling…After month’s of preperation, the day was finally here for them. It was the most perfect day you could imagine…windstill, blue skies…

Annie & TJ’s story…told by Annie:

…how we met…and hooked up…

So yes, we really DID meet on a bike.  It was one of those crazy early mornings, getting ready to cycle up to Chapman’s Peak – and on reflection, this was a match that was just ‘meant to be’, as every girl knows that 6am, no make-up of any description, and kitted out in cycling gear is NOT a good look…but somehow it was enough for TJ to remember me and not head for the hills the next time we met.

That initial meeting on our bikes was enough for us to recognise one another 8 months later at Ironman 70.3 in East London…a nervous, definitely inappropriate time to be on the alert of any ‘sparks’…but enough to reconnect so that after the race, when by pure coincidence, amongst thousands of people, we ended up sitting a few meters apart with our respective groups.  Before long we were sitting chatting about the race…and then the clincher: TJ asking me “Are you going to be at the party tonight?”

That’s all you need to know folks…other than a lot of tequila, the famous ‘going left’ jabs, and a good boogie or two…the rest is history!

…and then the engagement…

Having designed the ring (thanks Pierre!) with TJ in October/November of last year, I was on high alert and shared with him that there was little chance he’d be able to surprise me…I’d either sense odd behaviour being as intuitive as I am, or I’d guess every time he tried to organize some special get-away or outing.

So…when, on the 22nd December TJ suggested we go wine-tasting in the afternoon as we were in Hermanus, I thought an early start with work and then some deserved time off would be a nice way to take advantage of being where we were and finally getting to some wine farms in the area we both know so well.

Not for a single second did I anticipate that anything else was on the cards for that afternoon…EVEN when we arrived at Hamilton-Russell Vineyards, and out under the willow tree, next to the lake was a perfectly laid out picnic blanket with a picnic basket, rose petals, champagne bottle and glasses – I kid you not!  Not even an inkling…specially when the wine tasting lady was sharp enough to point over the lake at a fly-fisherman and say “ You see that picnic over there?  It’s so sweet, his wife is coming later and he’s organized that picnic for them”.  And that was me sorted.

When later, after tasting the same wine three times (hadn’t smelled a fish yet), hanging around way longer than at previous wine farms (still no idea), people commenting on how much the picnic looked like an engagement site (nope, still completely doff!)…even once everyone had left and we were still hanging around, and TJ finally grabbed my hand and said “Come Annie, let’s go and have the picnic…” – even then, Annie says “TJ! You can’t just eat someone else’s picnic!” (ja, me the intuitive one!!!???)…he had to again say “No Annie (he must have been having second thoughts about how utterly thick this girl was he was thinking of proposing to!!), it’s OUR picnic.”  It then took about 2 seconds of my own story unraveling in my head to suddenly twig on to what was about to happen…

the wedding was held on Phillip & Michelle Dicey’s farm (photo of couple below).  Phillip is Annie’s brother :)

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19 Responses to Annie & TJ Strathbreede farm, Wolseley

  1. Lisa M says:

    Congratulations Annie & TJ!
    Adene the photos are beautiful …
    Lots of love to you all.

  2. Angela Rea says:

    Wow! These pictures are sensational. Adene you have really captured something beautiful here. The light is so amazing.

  3. Carmen V says:

    Beautiful pics – love die dansbaan pics deur die blare … Regtig pretty!x

  4. Adene hierdie is regtig ‘n stunning shoot! Baie relaxed en lyk asof jy net ‘n vlieg op die muur was:)

  5. Beautiful Adene!! such a fun looking wedding :)

  6. Jani B says:

    Love die ene met die groomsman op die bussie se dak!

  7. Be-a-u-tiful!! Lyk asof dit so ‘n lekker kuier en relaxing troue was.

  8. Julie says:

    Loved the shoes in reflection and then the shoes filled with feet!!
    A beautiful capture and display of what was a lovely wedding.
    Well done Adene.

  9. Simone Stanford says:

    Magnificent pictures Adene! Congrats Annie and TJ X

  10. Jo says:

    Wow… die pics is stunning!!!!een met die manne op die bussie se dak ook my favorite. veeeeeery nice wedding julle!!
    Ek kyk elke week die nuwe foto’s op jou website, adene…jy mag maar
    PS:ek en annie het dieselfde ring..

  11. Annie & TJ (Theunis) says:

    Adene….just BEEEEEE-OOOOO-TI-FULLLLL!!! Thank you…and thank you for such a relaxed and easy vibe!

  12. Gen says:

    goodness me! captured absolutely beautifully. those muted tomes – so suited to the colour scheme. and those green trees. stunning!
    thank you lulu, TJ and all the family for a truly gorgeous wedding

  13. Sandra Hanekom says:

    Dit was ‘n wonderlike troue en Theunis en Annie is so gelukkig! Die mense , die kos , die venue , alles! Pragtig! Ons is lief vir julle!
    Kan nie glo dit is al amper weer ‘n maand later nie!

    Pappa en Mamma

  14. Wow, beautiful shots! Wish we had such lovely light to work with in the UK! x

  15. Gail Roberts says:

    Wow Annifer and TJ, what lovely pics. What a very beautiful occasion. And you guys look so chilled, happy and sorted.
    YAY FOR YOU! And am so glad to see that Morph was part of it all.
    So much love to you for the next few hundered years together,
    All love

  16. Lee McCreedy says:

    Leaves me in tears in anticipation of my own wedding in December!

  17. Brian Willett says:

    WOW!! thank you thank you thank you for sharing your day with me and Dianne. It was a FANTASTIC day and now looking at your beautifull photos, it brings back the happy warm feelings of the that weekend.

  18. Dianne Willett says:

    FAN*#%$INGTASTIC. Seriously honoured to have been part of such a Special Day. The Photos are incredible.

  19. Gizelle le Roux says:


    Awesome wedding pics. Where did you guys get the VW van?

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