Candice & Michael, Casa Labia

This wedding was celebrated in a Venetian inspired National Monument – talk about making a photographer’s life easy. Casa Labia is an elegant-chic gem situated in Muizenberg. Count and Countess Labia wanted their residence to echo 18th century Venice – boy did they hit bullseye.

Not only is the venue itself one notch above the rest – its picturesque backdrop of mountains and absolutely breathtaking view of the ocean creates a 360 degree miracle-on-earth.

From the bride:

Michael and I met for the first time when we were 11 years old, he was the new boy in the class in primary school. We were each other’s first crush and used to hold hands on the school yard, he even let me wear his watch at break time & I let him copy my homework. We went to different high schools and went our separate ways.  Years later, after living in separate cities and even countries, we met up again.

Michael had moved in around the corner from my house, without realising or recognizing each other in passing. Weeks later, he contacted me via facebook to meet for a cup of coffee.

9 years later and the rest is history…..

The Proposal

It was the day before my birthday and he had taken me to dinner at my favourite restaurant, Kloof Street House. The evening was going well until we ordered dessert, he started getting restless and acting really strange.

The few minutes between ordering dessert and the time it arrived must have been the longest few minutes of his life. Once they served dessert, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.


The Wedding day kicked off with a storm – literally. The mood lifted as clouds disappeared and made way for a beautiful day. Thank the heavens, seeing that the ceremony was situated outside. It was an honour to be chosen to capture a day full of such immense amounts of raw emotion.

Many great wishes to the beautiful couple.

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Venue : Casa Labia, Muizenberg

Caterer : Casa Labia

Wedding planner : Brenda van der Vyver (including all décor & flower arrangements)

Dress : Viola Chan

Make up : Colleen van Rensburg

Pianist : Jean-Paul Grimaldi-Lasserre

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