Lee & Anthony at Palmiet valley Estate, Paarl

Tue, 15th January, 2013

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8 Responses to Lee & Anthony at Palmiet valley Estate, Paarl

  1. I love their cake!! Love the wooden figures!

  2. Beautiful Adene!! I love that cake! congrats to the lovely couple :)

  3. Varn Diab says:

    Absolutely stunning. Some really unusual but beautiful shots. Love number 071

  4. Dj Brian + Greg says:

    the photos are stunning,especially the cake and the one with the flags.

  5. Congrats you guys! Thank you for the opportunity to create your cake… ;)

  6. Lee Taute says:

    Adene, you’ve captured everything! Can’t wait for Postman Pat the cross the waters and bring us more pics!

  7. Willemien Dillon says:

    Most beautiful photo’s I’ve ever seen!

  8. Grace Palengaoan says:

    Lee and Ant,congratulations!Your wedding pictures is fabulous,awesome!!!!I love looking it…

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